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Welcome to the HMCo newsletter!

A Newsletter to provide advocacy within communities and the housing sector.
This newsletter is a tool for collaboration:

  • Do you have an event or campaign to promote?
  • How can we help with your advocacy in the sector?
  • Is there a topic you would like us to cover?
  • Can we share your ideas or publish any articles on your behalf?
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Community Benefits
CBAs enable communities to play a meaningful role in the planning and execution of a development and establish governance and enforcement mechanisms to ensure the realization of benefit outcomes. CBAs also provide developers with a defined, transparent framework with which to achieve social benefit outcomes for the community.

If you are interested in seeing the City of Ottawa develop with community benefits built into the planning stages you may want to consider joining the LeBreton Flats Community Benefits Coalition. We will be starting an exercise to rebrand to encompass a city-wide vision. For more information contact:

Members of the coalition will have the opportunity to meet with the City of Ottawa on December 1, 2020 to learn about the direction they are exploring. Deadline to register for the workshop with the city is November 20th 2020.
City of Ottawa Budget

If you would like to show your support for housing in the City of Ottawa’s budget, here is what you can do…
  1. Reach out to your councillor. They need to hear from their constituents about the need for affordable housing within the community. If you have any questions about how to contact we would be happy to assist. Just email
  2. Learn about an alternative budget from the Ottawa Coalition for a People’s Budget: The Alternative Municipal Budget is a document that attempts to show what the City of Ottawa could accomplish if they were guided by a true commitment to values of social equity, human dignity, fairness and environmental sustainability instead of the interests of a privileged few. It is an exercise in participatory budget-making that tries to show what could happen if community stakeholders had a real say in the discussion on how our money gets spent. For more details, please visit:
  3. Send an email to Mayor Watson or call him at 613-580-2496. You can send a pre-written email here:
  4. You can record or upload a video message at this link:

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